Glaze-Port reseller in Quebec

Distribution CB is the Glaze-Port reseller in Quebec

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Distribution CB is the Quebec reseller of products manufactured by Glaze-Port International Mfg Inc.


These products include, among other things, glass doors for refrigerators (beer, soft drinks, flowers and others) and for freezers of frozen products.


We also offer metal shelves, high-performance LED lighting for refrigerators and freezers, swinglite aluminum doors, and strip curtains.


Do you have specific needs? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution to your problems according to your needs and your requirements.


Glaze-Port parts available on order


Torque Rod
Part number: CBGLAZ03

Bushing top of door
Part number: CBGLAZ10

Door swivel
Part number: CBGLAZ06

Door spring
Part number: CBGLAZ02

Bottom Plate
Part number: CBGLAZ01

Bottom screw
Part number: CBGLAZ05